Tools + Solutions

Triage, open source machine learning toolkit

Triage is an open source machine learning toolkit to help data scientists, machine learning developers, and analysts quickly prototype, build and evaluate end-to-end predictive risk modeling systems for public policy and social good problem.

Aequitas, bias audit toolkit

An open source bias audit toolkit for machine learning developers, analysts, and policymakers to audit machine learning models for discrimination and bias, and make informed and equitable decisions around developing and deploying predictive risk-assessment tools.

Data Science Project Scoping Guide

After scoping hundreds of projects over the past few years, we’ve put together a project scoping guide  that gives government agencies and non-profits an overview of how to scope data science/analytics projects and what questions they need to answer before launching a project.

Data Maturity Asssessment

Want to know if your organization is ready to start a data-driven social impact project? See where you are in our data maturity framework and how to improve your organizational, tech, and data readiness.

Open Source Code for our Tools and Projects

All of the projects we do and tools we built are released open source. Take a look at our github repository for data science tools and project code.